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 Stall Bars also known as Swedish Wall
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Welcome to the Stall Bars Web site, the best place to buy your stall bars

If you would like to build your own set, you can purchase downloadable instructions that have a complete list of materials, tools, and step by step guide. Anyone can do it.
Please go to to buy a set of instructions to build your own set.


We are temporary suspending production of stall bars. Please check back later. In the meantime you can still order instructions to make your own (see the link above).
We custom make and sell stall bars for stretching and strength training. To customize your stall bars select finish color to match your furnishings, choose stalls wood for your taste, and choose stall bars width if you need it to be less than 36 inches to fit the stall bars into available space in your home. Standard stall bars are 8 feet tall and 36 inches wide (unless you choose your width that is less than 36 inches).

Sample customization options and prices:

  • Stall bars made of pine stalls with 1 1/2 inch poplar rungs: $200 (load up to 240 lb)
  • Stall bars made of oak stalls with 1 1/2 inch poplar rungs: $380 (load up to 240 lb)
Finish - dark brown, golden oak, clear, white, red, blue, any other - you choose.
Includes - partially assembled stall bars with further assembly instructions and mounting hardware.
Shipping - $60.00 within continental United States, we do not ship outside  of the continental United States.
Free Delivery only in Detroit Metro area - delivery of assembled stall bars ready to be mounted.

We accept all major credit cards. Your order can be placed over the fax or via our parent company website Fax your order today to 1-248-786-6867 and you will hear from us ASAP.

A pictures of a sample mounted and unmounted stall bars are included below (dark brown and golden oak colors).

Your Body ABC
Bloomfield Hills,MI 48304
FAX (248) 786-6867

This is a picture of a set of stall bars that have been assembled, but not mounted to the wall (on the floor), made of pine with poplar rungs in Golden Oak color.

If you would like to save money by making a set yourself, but don't know how to start, we sell complete instructions on how to make your own set using common materials from your local Home Depot or Lowes. The instructions include complete list of materials, tools and step by step actions and are only $10, to purchase please use this link to our parent company
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